Moon Kitty Design print on demand service can be used for many things, such as:

Businesses that need apparel for employees or events
Teams that need apparel for their players or events
Resellers that need products to sell
Influencers that need branded merch to sell to their fans/followers
Friends and families like personalized gifts from their loved ones (hint/hint)

There are a lot of groups of people that need print on demand services for all sorts of things.

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Not all printing is equal. Many printing businesses use tranfer paper (Direct to Film printing) to get their designs on the material, this leaves the material feeling papery/rubbery, and usually the design will start fading and cracking after a few washes, especially if not printed correctly.

We use a process called Direct to Garment printing. This means there is no transfer paper. Each and every item we ship goes through a multi stage process that includes pretreatment, heat press, printing, heat press again etc. This ensures your design does not crack, peel, fade etc over the life of the product. If it is a wearable product, the person wearing it will be much more comfortable without feeling the design they are wearing. We only use high quality ink to ensure the colors are bright and vibrant. We are also able to print white ink, so we can print on dark and light materials.

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As a Reseller
Easily create any number of designed products, and then sell those products wherever you would like. We provide a free to use tool to automate sending your creations to eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc. This allows you to automate inventory, ordering and tracking leaving you more time to grow your business.

Earn a Commission
Do you have any good design ideas you think would sell well. You may choose to allow your designed products to be sold by our other members, and you will earn a commission every time we print and ship a product with your design on it. We have many large resellers that send a us a lot of orders every day.

As an Influencer
Do you have a lot of followers? Have you ever wished you had your own merch to sell to them? Now you can easily add your logo/design to any of the products we offer. Best of all, we do all the work, we make sure the products look good after printing, and carefully send them to your customer.


Add your own Company Name, Physical Address, Logo, Website Address, Coupon Codes, Phone Number etc to your product labels, packing slips, shipping label etc. (all are optional, but selectable).


You may use our Channel Manager for free to automate sending your custom designed products to eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc. When you have an order, we will automatically pick it up, fulfill the order and send tracking to your sales channel. This allows you to spend your time growing your business and not just trying to get it off the ground.



our custom free plan description

$0 / month

  • Access to our online product designer to create your own designs for any of our Apparel, Bags, Aprons and more.
  • Designers - Earn 25% Commission on Gross Profit.
  • We will print your designed products and ship them on your behalf directly to your customers (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Social Media, Company etc).
  • Use our Channel Manager to easily manage your designs and automate ordering across all channels we support like eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc.
  • Download a CSV that contains the product data from your custom designed products that can be used to import the products into your own website or other selling channel. File includes URL's to download your custom designed product images.
  • API Available to submit orders, request tracking or order details


Best Value

our custom pro plan description laboris

$20 / month

  • Includes Free Plan
  • Designers - Earn 50% Commission on Gross Profit.
  • Receive over a 40% discount on every product.
  • Add your own Company Name, Physical Address, Logo, Website Address, Coupon Codes, Phone Number etc to your product labels (printed on products), packing slips, shipping label etc. (all are optional, but selectable)
  • Make your designs public (optional) and earn a 20% commission on every product sold with your design on it. Making your design public means we will make the products you designed available to other resellers to add them to their own website, sales channels (ebay, amazon, shopify etc), social media etc. They will only have access to products containing your design, and not your design itself.


our custom plan description

Let's Talk

  • Includes Free Plan
  • Includes Pro Plan
  • Custom Integrations